Sensitive dance

Where there is life, there is dance.
Sensitive Dance®
is a movement education practice
that works on the quality of movement and presence.

The quality

of relationship

Sensitive dance® is a path to the development of a subtle listening to the messages our body sends. A place of great potential.  Experiment the birth of movement starting from its basic elements: opening, orientating, holding your presence in space.

The purpose is to re-discover the meaning and function of our body structure and form. This practice offers the opportunity to confront yourselves with the answers that spontaneously emerge from your body. It’s a free and creative expression, that allows us to experiment an ecological movement.

An education to feelings, to the realization of the best within ourselves, the achievement of the best result effortlessly. Sensitive dance®, a fine listening that enables us to dance our internal and external body space, dancing in the present moment, a dynamic dialog with the feeling.

Particularly suitable for actors, performers, artists and people that privilege the human being in a relationship based on listening. A happy dance to everyone! RM

Main principles of

Sensitive Dance®

  • The birth of a movement, relating to the 4 elements
  • Perceiving body messages
  • Opening up, directing and sustaining your body in space
  • The sense and nonsense of movement
  • Developing presence
  • The space of a relationship
  • Vertical organization of the body
  • Expressing yourself and releasing creativity
  • The birth of a dance

The Sensitive Dance®, created by choreographer Claude Coldy and by osteopaths J. L. Dupuy and M. Guyon, is a body practice that comes from the study of phylogeny of movement. The aim is to restore the structure in the human physiology limits, focusing on the sensations. The movement of the body becomes the bearer of meaning.
The integration of Sensitive Dance® allows you to recognize the connection that exists between the way we move and and the our relation to others and to our lives.

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