Workshops and training courses

a privileged
working space.

The workshops are a privileged time and space shared with a group of people.

The length of the workshops depends on the project, it may last a week-end or a week or it may be organized according to a pre-established calendar. It can be residential, in a green area, or in the city where participants go home at the end of the day.

Workshops are useful because there is more time available than in one-to-one lessons or weekly courses. This format allows the students to have a deeper knowledge of the subject-matters, developing the necessary working steps in order to transmit the information and effectively absorbe its meaning.

The Work does not always stop at the end of the seminar but it continues to “dialogue” and interact with the student for a long time. Finally, sharing this experience with the other participants enhances their knowledge and learning potential.

Basic Theatre

In Theatrical Seminars

Studying a character

In Theatrical Seminars

Theatrical action and improvisation

In Theatrical Seminars

Voice – Speech – Text

In Theatrical Seminars

The mask

In Theatrical Seminars

The clown

In Theatrical Seminars

Sensitive Dance® in studio

In Seminars in Sensitive Dance

Sensitive Dance® in nature

In Seminars in Sensitive Dance

Release your voice

In Seminars in Voice and Sound

Sensitive Sound

In Seminars in Voice and Sound

The colours of sound

In Seminars in Voice and Sound

Training courses:
a period of time
devoted to research.

A Course is an encounter, a dialogue. A journey.

Just like a current, where we are the water that flows over time. What we go through is sometimes easy to grasp, other times it’s out of our reach.

We immerse ourselves into the flow of the current: leaps, inlets, vortexes, falls, rests, wild and calm waters are part of the game and this is the beauty of it.

At times we flow, through difficult and critical moments, other times we are full of wonder and spontaneity. We sometimes have to rest or stay on Course on different water currents.

Having reached the sea, the end of our journey, we see we are different to the people who started, and this means we have really entered into a refined and difficult process of integration.

During this journey, we left the useless things behind us and enriched ourselves with new opportunities.

During my life I have chosen to dive into the water several times, even though I believe that life itself asked me to do so. I felt like a motionless stone, like a sailing boat moved by the current or a brave surfer, like lead on the bottom of the sea, like a frightened leaf, a dog straggling, an alligator, a snow flake that vanishes. I would do it again, I received and exchanged so much.

A course is to take some time off for oneself, providing an opportunity to feel better, to evolve and take risks, it means moving away from where you are, sharing a space and time with the ones who accompany us.

It means changing, getting tired, wondering, being scared of any changes and feel the joy for the new awareness acquired.

Attending a course means becoming part of a small community, that has its own working regulations and cohabitation rules. It is rare and important. It leads to new experiences, it takes you towards the unknown, leading us closer to life.

If a course reveals what is useful for our development (mine and yours) as human beings, it will create beauty in and around us over time. Acknowledging such beauty and seeing it in others opens up the doors of true joy. And this is marvelous but above all essential.

Community Theatre

In Theatrical Courses

Functional Diction

In Theatrical Courses

Course in approaching a script

In Theatrical Courses

Sensitive CreActive Dance®

In Courses in Sensitive Dance

I play with my voice

In Courses in Voice and Sound