Voice and sound

The two vocal cords must meet and vibrate to sing .
To me, voice is an encounter of enormous and rare beauty.

Developing performance

and self awareness.

Voice is freedom, going through our physical limits. It’s connection, receiving instead of emanating, feeling that you are alone and also accompanied.

Voice is therapeutic and a therapeutic tool, a communication vehicle, a praying instrument, a dialogue with the vibration of the universe.

To sing, two vocal cords must encounter in a functional sound, this encounter happens in the centre of larynx and extends along all its length.

This event has been defined like the most intimate and deep encounter that a human being can experiment with itself, an act of love.

I believe voice represents exactly this encounter of rare beauty.

An opportunity, open to everyone, to get in touch with oneself and express our nature through sound with no superstructure, fear, limit or judgment.

I don’t teach students what to do with their voice but to listen to the body answers when a sound is produced. We discover which stimuli are useful to activate a functional balancing of muscles and the central nervous system functions.

The main objective is the development of an artistic performance linked to an enlarged self-awareness.

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