You touch the essence of what you are

Time, space,

the actor, life.

Life requires a continuous training and that may be the purpose of theatre: it is a training ground where I exercise, because at heart, the stage represents life.

The theatre observes, listens, acts on reality but has the extraordinary ability to change its rules.

I want to be touched by theatre, surprised, struck, live an experience and feel part of it, come out a different person from the one who got in.

If this happens, it has a meaning.

In theater, quantum time is in force: it changes, goes on, it overlaps, it stops, and goes back. It is the access key through which the present time becomes the leading character, dissolving the social conventions about the beating of time.

Space can be molded, not only through set design and lighting or sound effects. It becomes a “sensory space” drawn by the performer’s bodies, that affect its existence and impression.

The theatre can break the slavery of identity, annihilate the identification of what we think we are or the constraints of what we are in our daily lives.

This is a clear concept when studying a character, and a marvelous pretext to go through the process that asks us to let go whatever we may think we are, it makes us feel free and free to play.

The actor, being at the service of the Work, in order to be alive on stage must free the space for more than him or herself, the performer has to allow him or herself to open a door, to open a space within the self.

Seminars and formative courses I offer

Basic Theatre

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Studying a character

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Theatrical action and improvisation

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Voice – Speech – Text

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The mask

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Community Theatre

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The clown

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Functional Diction

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Course in approaching a script

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