Be: a word, a verb, an inclination, a pedagogy.

I am, to express my reality. A movement of life that embraces pedagogy, relationships, the connection with our body and voice, intertwining artistic work and teaching.

Being: my destination and constant starting point.



Qualified at the Bologna Theatre School Galante Garrone as a prose actor. I obtained the certificate of advanced specialization for actors, completing the training path Zampanò, organized by E. R. T. and Santarcangelo di Romagna. I attended the acrobatic course at the school Circo Flic in Turin and the performing art university of Philip Radice. I followed the workshop for artists “Edipowear” directed by Michele Di Mauro.

I have worked with: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Roisten Abel, Michele Di Mauro, Michela Lucenti, Francesca Mazza, Marco Manchisi, Davide Jodice, Vittorio Franceschi, Valter Le Moli, Andrea Taddei. I teach drama, text work, diction to professionals, adults and adolescents in schools. I organize seminars on specific subjects in Italy and in Europe on the study of a character, Naif masks, theatrical action, Object trouvé, Improvisation, Theatrical text.

I have worked with Pilar Buira Ferre for many years – former teacher at Folkwang Hochschule of Essen directed by Pina Bausch – international project IN-ZEIT- SPRUNG, Kulturraum Rosenhof.


I started my studies on movement at university, where I graduated with honors in Physical Activity and Sports Science. I went on with my research into dance studying with Raffaella Giordano. I then became a member of the Monica Francia research group. I have attended workshops with the Hofesh Schecher Company in London, yearly masterclass with Doriana Crema, organized masterclass with Marigia Maggipinto (one of Pina Bausch’s dancers) and Giovanni di Cicco. I took part in a choreographic experience with Enzo Pezzella, I followed Cinzia De Lorenzi and Barbara Altissimo’s seminars and I worked with Michela Lucenti.

Since 2000 I have been following Claude Coldy (teacher and founder) in his  Sensitive Dance®. I have completed the four years training course that includes osteopathic listening practices with “maestri” Jean Luis Dupuy and Marie Guyon. Qualified teacher and tutor for new teachers. I help Claude Coldy in his seminars in nature and in studio, in Italy and abroad. I have obtained the specialization in Sensitive Dance® for Artists in Mondaino. I have organized seminars on Sensitive Dance® in Italy and abroad, in Mexico, Spain, Poland, Germany and Peru.


I started my studies on functional singing with Gisela Romhert’s method in 2001. I completed the teacher training for Functional Vocalism in all levels of artistic specialization. I teach vocalism to choirs, actors, artists. I am specialized in developing the voice sound quality. I hold seminars on sound and apply the Functional method when teaching diction and the study of a text. During my teaching courses I use meditation practices Vipassana to balance the psychophysical being, Eckart Tolle’s study on presence, l’Aplomb di Noelle Perez Christiaens. I attended Dott. Paolo Quattrini’s course on Enneagram. Facilitator of the PSYCH-K® technique.

and acknowledgements

Best actor and best interpretation – Attimi di palcoscenico 2000 – Teatro Don Bosco Turin – “II Guardiano” di H. Pinter

Mimo-Statue “Il portiere” – awarded at the Festival Artisti di strada – Turin

Finalist in the national competition for prose actors “Prova d’attore 2000” – Teatro Carignano Turin – “Questione d’identità” di O. Sacks – adattamento di D. Bulgarelli

Winning project of the Borsa teatrale nazionale “Anna Pancirolli” 2012 and winner of the special jury award – “Il protagonista” – TEC teatro – Cento.

Obtained second place in the Italian national competition for drama schools MIasSaggi in Milan with the performance”Il viaggio lungo un sogno” – directed by Riccardo Maffiotti.