Voice – Speech – Text

From the development of sound quality, to the spoken word, in order to experiment the world of the monologue and the overall text


The spoken word is an amazing communication tool. Through words, human beings are able to speak their mind, sing, share and exchange opinions, imagination, theories and life experiences. Before being transmitted into the world, vocal cords are molded by sound and by the internal space it travels through, obtaining life and soul, that blends with its own meaning and source. What frequency does my voice contain? how can I improve it and what is its purpose? Could the listener’s attention be attracted not only by what I say but also by my vocal characteristics? What are the words that stimulate the functional factors related to sound? The ones that help me express my technical and performing potential? The ones that let my vocal cords rest? Why can some voices be heard easily and others are difficult to hear? What are the resonators useful for? Is a brilliant voice useful? Am I able to read out loud and with efficiency? This and other issues are subjects that will be experimented and examined during the workshop, that starting from the development of sound quality will enter in to the context of the spoken word in order to enter the world of a monologue and an overall text.


Basic functional vocalism factors to prepare a fertile ground to voice.

The alphabet, the shape and meaning of a letter, the birth of vowels, the molding of consonants, the sound and sensory impression of words, chirophonetics, words in body and space and their sound wave representation, sound parameters, the text as a sound score, the encounter between sound, signifier  and meaning,  resonators, the six characteristics of the spoken word, reading at first sight, interpreting a script.


Actors, singers, speakers, voice experts, vocal coach, teachers and anyone interested in a research path and in learning more about this subject.


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