The mask

The mask is a powerful tool to develop your physical and psychological awareness.


A mask may seem like a disguise or a hideout for the actor who is wearing it. On the contrary, it allows the artist to explore and make his/her body speak, amplifying his/her potential and the force of non verbal language. The mask makes anyone who is wearing it turn the attention from the face to a more widespread focus on all five senses, not only sight. The actor who is wearing a mask often feels naked.

The image of a body moving in space and the perception of everything that is happening on stage becomes more defined and clear. The results achieved and competences acquired during mask work are essential tools in theatre, and thus can be useful for any performer even if they are not interested in using the mask as an instrument on stage performances.

  • The body – exercises and training yourself to prepare mask work
  • Sensorial and motor representation of an action
  • Mirror training
  • Articulation and de-composition
  • Observe, feel, react and give the mask to the audience
  • Wear and bring a mask to life
  • Photographic set exercise
  • Improvisation
  • Creating short situations on your own and in pairs

Open to anyone: artists, actors, dancers, circus performers and whoever wants to deepen and develop his/her competences and abilities. Those who don’t know much about mask work and are interested in learning about this surprising and poetic world.


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