The colours of sound

Learn about Functional Vocalism and practice this method in a group workshop.


What is my voice? What do I hear when I listen to it? How do I recognize its parameters, how healthy is it, what is its potential? Is there a correct way to use it? How much can it improve and in what way?

These questions and more are the research engine that will let us get closer to the fascinating world of the voice, a world that concerns each one of us.

During the workshop we will explore in depth the relationship between sound and colour.

Vibration is the contact bridge between two worlds: the electromagnetic vibration of colours and  the sonorous vibration of sound.

  • Activating sensorial channels: sight
  • Bio feedback
  • Colours and vibration
  • Relationship between colour and sound parameters
  • Connection between images and the form of sound
  • Body-sound / Content-form
  • Colour my sound

Some of these questions will find an answer, others will be helpful for us to continue our path towards a “sound in evolution”.


Actors, singers, teachers, artists and anyone interested in discovering their voice or whoever works in this field.


Seminars in Voice and Sound