The clown

The core of impulses and emotions.


Being a clown means coming out of the shadow, accepting to be alone, opening up and revealing oneself, aware that the audience is watching you the whole time. It is the principle of self-irony, it means no longer being able to recognize yourself in your everyday character. It often means “failure”, it implies letting yourself go and coming back to life again in order to change your reality. A clown brings on stage the animal side of a human being, too often hidden away. This means entering into the core of impulses and emotions. Clowns often wears a red nose, as if it were a star or a planet and then they show us what happens on that planet. Clowns have a different concept of time and way of thinking, they enter on the stage and seem to have a secret urgency; they know how to lie very well and how to captivate our attention while putting their ego aside, giving us something that touches us deeply.

  • The clown’s body
  • Different ways of walking
  • Rhythm and energy
  • The comical mechanism
  • The failure
  • Leader and follower
  • The appearance and coming to life of a Character
  • Discovering your own clown
  • Make up and dressing
  • The audience
  • Improvisation

Actors, dancers, artists and anyone who is captivated by this extraordinary and elusive style of theatre. Anyone who is interested in this endless poetic world.


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