Studying a character

Experiment and create an identity - a way to get to know yourself and others


Studying a character is an amazing theatrical and pedagogic tool that allows an artist to experiment and create an identity, a credible theatrical character; a way to get to know yourself and others better. Throughout our daily lives we inhabit and play different roles and we don’t realize we are doing so. We play one role while at work, another  when we are at home or with friends. What is a character? How do you create it? What is its physical support? How does he/she observe the world? How does he/she listen? How does he/she communicate and relate to others? Why does he/she behave in that way? What desires, dreams, thoughts and personality does he/she have? The method used was created by Jacques Lecoq but different approaches will be used such as Strasberg, Stanislavskij, Tierry Salmon, Grotowski and more.

  • Identity card
  • Physical preparation and physical training
  • Body components and personal data
  • Undulation
  • Different states of mind
  • Body morphing and personal data
  • Driving force and physical support
  • Nervous habits
  • “Moi Jeu” exercise
  • Starting from an animal and transposing it into a human being
  • Stereotype and realistic character
  • Individual and group improvisation
  • Creating your own character
  • Staging short encounters with different characters

Artists, actors, dancers, circus artists, therapists, psychologists and anyone who is interested in improving his/her competences and skills in this area.


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