Sensitive Sound

Encounter with, knowledge of and learning about the vocal instrument.


The aim of the seminar is to make the world of sound and the world of movement meet. A reciprocal exchange so that sound dances and movement plays. We know that each one of us has billions of cells – about 35 – that fluctuate around 1.5 hertz . This value corresponds to the pulsation frequency of the universe. We could think of ourselves as human beings who have a dancing fluctuation in line with the rhythmic movement of the universe. This means that the human sound, through the vibration of the vocal cords comes into contact with this dance giving life to a ‘sound-vibrant body’.

This relationship, that could be called universal, has implications on many different levels: psychic, motoric, psychological, sensory, emotional, as vibration is a common language of all the tissues and existing elements.

The aim of sensitive sound is to activate this process and have access to the enormous potential of the human voice. It joins the study of functional singing and Sensitive Dance® practices.

  • Meditation and focusing on attention
  • The Senses and sensorial channel activation
  • Body work principles: hypo and hyper muscular tone-isometric, anticipatory isometric, isometric balance, bone conduction
  • Agonistic and antagonistic musculature , myofascial system
  • Sound work principles: how vocal chords work, functional breathing, coordination “pneumofonatoria”, sight activation and ear functionality, what is sound and how it is generated, sound brilliance, vibration as a tirelessness parameter, integration with elements, sonorous improvisation, biofeedback, sound as a central order system.

Actors, singers, teachers, artists, and anyone interested in discovering his/her vocalism.


Seminars in Voice and Sound