Sensitive Dance® in studio

An ecological approach to movement aiming to teach how to bring your own personal dance to life.


Sensitive Dance® is learning about movement. It teaches how to bring out a human being’s potential.

The different practices are ways to start a relationship with yourself, other people and the world respecting each person’s characteristics and sensitivity.

The basic principles that lead us to a human being vertical organization allow us to discover the deep meaning of movement through a process that has to be felt rather than understood.

Communicating with your whole body allows the different parts to harmonize in an organic way, wakens up parts that are dormant, releases useless tensions and brings back to life the aspects that are in the shadow. We retrace the human beings evolutive stages aiming to awaken the functionality of the body structures, thus activating an ecological sort of movement, that will lead to the birth of specific qualities which may be applied to different techniques or methodologies depending on which path you are following.

Research into Sensitive Dance® started in the 90’s when Claude Coldy (dancer and choreographer) and a couple of French osteopaths, J. Louis Dupuy and Marie Guyon, met.

The aim was to train a class how to move, in order to discover what has come to life at that very moment and deep down in the dancer through his/her energy, memories body and heart.

  • Micro and macro movement
  • Listening
  • The birth of sensorial movement, relating to the 4 elements
  • Open up, direct and sustain your body
  • The sense and nonsense of movement
  • Coming to life of a presence
  • The space of a relationship
  • Vertical organization of the body
  • The flow of breath in motion
  • Expressing yourself and creativity
  • The birth of a dance
  • Composition and creation

Dancers, actors, performers, artists, teachers, therapists and anyone who is interested in studying movement and discovering your own body potential. For anyone who wishes to develop their own physical awareness and the quality of their relationship with art and life itself.


Seminars in Sensitive Dance