Sensitive Dance® in nature

A workshop that intends to create a dialogue with the 'nature' of our movement.


Giving space and time to the beauty that animates our nature. Establishing an intimate and subtle contact with mother earth and start a process of exchange at all sensorial levels, from the thickest to the finest. Such a process affects our body and the way it moves and relates to the world that surrounds it. Direct relationship with the ground awakens the intelligent responses that each body has, its creative potential and beyond: it regenerates the whole body and rebalances most of its physical parameters.

  • The time of being and the birth of a sensorial movement
  • Sensitive dance exercises (basic and new practices)
  • Breathing
  • Aligning the physical structure
  • Encountering different natural elements, practising activities to have direct contact with the ground, working on the vertical organization of trees
  • Fluidity in water
  • Stimulating the sensorial channels to open up sight, hearing, olfaction
  • The different stages in the vertical process, from earth to the sky
  • Open, direct and take your body into the world
  • Creative exploration in motion

Dancers, actors, performers, artists, teachers, therapists and anyone interested in movement and the stunning body potential. For those interested in improving their body awareness and their relationship with art and life.


Seminars in Sensitive Dance