Sensitive CreActive Dance®

A path leading to the different stages of human evolution.


A seed has a great intuitive potentiality. If it finds the right conditions and a fertile ground to be nourished and grow, a transformative process will start and one day it will become a tree. Sensitive and CreActive Dance® is a similar process as it meets up with the different stages of human evolution. A weekly lesson will take place, in order to put together, piece by piece, a patchwork of the human being, that is organized vertically and embodied in all its physical structures and functions.

The starting point is lying on the ground where the effects of gravity are at their minimum. By lying on the ground you can activate the movement of the body structure at a very low frequency: if it is connected to free expression and is not constrained by form, it represents life at its origins, in the primordial waters, where movement is still fluid, aquatic and uncoded. Later we focus on gradually giving more density to the tissues, until our body reaches the Earth – phylogenetic acquisition of the reptile – where the body starts feeling its weight on solid ground.

The journey continues by  gradually detaching yourself from the terrestrial ground as mammals (quadrupeds) up to a total verticalization as human being (two legged). These stages stimulate the sensorial neuromotor system and strongly affect the quality of movement.
Here below are some subject matters that you will find during the course.

  • The basics: principles such as how to open, direct and project a movement into space.
  • Communicate with one’s own body, with others, with space within the time of an action.
  • Micro and Macro movement and the coming to life of a dance.
  • Dance the feeling of the inner movement and lead it to a visible and externalized experience.
  • Be CreActive and “CreActors” of images, worlds, moments where the poetry of human beauty comes to life.


    • Listening
    • Touching
    • Relating
    • The Terrestrial and Aquatic world
    • Lying on the ground
    • Breathing in motion
    • The birth of an inner sensory movement
    • The 3 spheres and the sensorial surface
    • Sensorial movement starting from bone conduction
    • From a Micro to a Macro movement
    • Open, direct and bring one’s body into space
    • Grounding
    • Exploring different kinds of earth: far off, close and the one that sustains us
    • Support and pivot points
    • Myofascial System and its Physical connection with movement
    • Tensegrity principles applied to action
    • Knowledge, studying and experimenting basic practices
    • Studying the dynamics of movement
    • Pair and group work
    • Applying practices in a dance
    • Work creation and stage composition



One-year course, once a week for 3 hours.


Dance schools, theatre academies, training centres, sports and cultural associations.


A human being, thanks to the sensorial channels, sends and receives roughly 24 million items of information per second in the environment around him/her. This is probably the greatest gift a person has at his/her disposal.

Sensitive dance awakens this gift and makes use of it in order to improve the quality of one’s body movement. It arouses greater awareness of one’s potential, increasing self-esteem and allowing the different parts our body to communicate with each other, in a respectful and harmonious way. It lets us take root, encouraging to open up to the world, directing and guiding us towards our needs and our path in the world.


Experimental and research work is a fundamental part of the project. Most of the material used during classes will be supplied by the teacher. However, it may occur that technical support will be required on behalf of the school for some classes, based on the terms agreed upon by both parts.


Courses in Sensitive Dance