Release your voice

A workshop to get to know your vocal instrument and to start practicing.


What information does our voice contain? And how aware are we of the vocal information that we bring into the world through speech?

This workshop intends to show that through practice and improvisation we can increase our knowledge and become aware of how the vocal function works and what it is exactly.

Moreover, the workshop will be devoted to experimenting how your voice can be free and comfortable and will point out how useful and essential it is to understand its importance.


From a physical point of view we will move from a customary feeling of tiredness and effort towards a way of moving that is linked to ergonomic cooperation between the different parts.

We will practice the sensorial movement that involves all the tissues, from the deepest layer up to the surface. From a vocal point of view we will experiment and get to know how sound parameters work and what their functions are: brilliance, vibration, fundamental sound, vocal…

Integrating the sensorial channels allows sound and movement to communicate. Vocal games and improvisation complete the programme and optimize the process of growth and sound maturation.


Get rid of anything that hinders the natural expression of your voice starting from any physical obstacle in your body. Let your vocal identity come out allowing it to express itself freely.


Actors, teachers, singers, artists, professionals and anyone who wants to discover his/her vocal quality or uses his /her voice as a tool while at work, everyone interested in discovering his/her own voice.


Seminars in Voice and Sound