I play with my voice

A workshop to practice and get to know your vocal instrument.


A workshop that integrates sensitive dance and functional sound. Through this process artists and performers will develop a more integrated and organic voice and movement property. We will question how to create the right conditions, allowing a nourishing dialogue between this two worlds, our goal will be an “excellence ensemble”.
Singing effortlessly, freeing up your voice completely, letting movement guide you and dance. It is necessary to solve the tendency to separate, during an artist training, the development of a capable body, aligned and present on stage, with a powerful, audible but also comfortable use of the voice. This two aspects are often in competition, leaving the artist/performer in conflict on many aspects (practical and executive).
The result will inevitably be an uncompleted, fragmented, technically ineffective performance, despite all the executor’s efforts.
The goal of the workshop will be to experiment a process that starts from the motor level, to a motor-sensorial  and finally opens up to a sensorial experience. This is the reason why so much research was made and a methodology was developed to connect, regarding physiology, movement and voice.


Body topics:

      • Encountering and getting in contact with the body
      • Discovering and experimenting different parts and segments of the body
      • Integrating body unity
      • Active/passive body differences
      • Isometric balance, coming to life of a movement connected with a vibrating sensation
      • Opening to movement
      • Orientation, motion sense
      • Bringing a sensorial presence in a more Dynamic movement
      • Opening in a sensorial movement
      • Relating to sound
      • Interacting with sound
      • Body/Sound union


Voice topics:

  • Rough sound and its quantity development
  • Activation and  vocal functionality restoration
  • Senses stimulation and their connection with sound ( main focus on ears activation)
  • Awakening, developing voice vibrato
  • The sound inside the body-internal space, diaphragm chain, organs connected to sound
  • Sound integration
  • Sound Movement and three-dimensional type – Sound eludes boundaries
  • Functional sound – self regulation
  • Connections and influences between sound and body motility
  • The two languages integration, balancing and collaboration
  • Sound/body unity – to maximize performance

Evaluations, experiential work, theoretical classes, are considered an essential part of the work


We train to work in an ecological and functional way developing our instruments

  • Sound / motor development and awareness
  • Conscious movement fundamentals: sound vibration and connection to muscular vibration. Sound guides body sensations and tone.
  • Integration phase of all the information that guides the practitioner from a motion phase to a motor-sensorial, up to a sensorial dimension

The performer becomes its own spectator, he/she will enter a space where he/she will follow and be guided by the  action more than activating him/herself. The observer will be fascinated by the simplicity, truthiness and completeness of what he/she’s carefully observing.


One year. Two hours classes, one or more days a week.


Theatre schools, cultural associations, centers for excellence.


Courses in Voice and Sound