Functional Diction

Functional diction answers your needs in a practical and efficient way


Functional diction starts from the fundamental basis of language, the letters of the alphabet. Each element is considered in order to put you at ease and allowing greater exploration. Using a model based on chirophonetics, where the principles are not considered for themselves but for their functions, building the basis of a structure that will support and guide a word expression in touch with a deeper meaning.


The program will be divided into different work topics, that will help the student’s knowledge on the subject: orteopia, orthology, parabola, focus, punctuation, functional vocalism elements, listening, sound parameters, resonators, sound, tones, the six characteristics of the spoken word, reading at first sight, text anatomy, logical and period analysis, practical exercises, reading and interpreting a script.


Academies and Theatre schools, cultural associations, excellence centers for artists, companies interested in public and effective speaking.


The course helps the students acquire a high level of awareness about the basic communication tools that will allow the user to evaluate which parameters and choices to put into practice, in order to get the highest efficiency in one’s own working environment.


Professionals, actors, performing artists, educators and anyone who uses verbal communication in his/her life. Anyone who is interested in deepening the topic and improving his/her experience and skills in this field.


Tests, practical and theoretical lessons are a significant part of the project, most of the material will be supplied by the teacher during the course. However it may happen that some technical material will be requested to the school according to the terms agreed upon between the parts.


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