Community Theatre

The theatre is full of life even though life is not the theatre.


Theatre is full of life even though life is not theatre. It is an art where I can get to know myself and meet others. Along this path, we will get closer to the theatrical world, starting from its simplicity, its basic principles, up to a search for the meaning it can still have to create a theatre performance today.

If I am able to give a meaning to what I am doing, my work will no doubt be effective and will have a purpose. The encounter between people, capable of a dialogue, discovering a common language, keeping in touch with their feelings, sharing their differences respectfully: this is the aim of the course.

During the research-group work, that will be formed in the following months, each person will acknowledge that he /she is an important element that makes up a community.

A common element that concentrates on being present, on being rather than doing, starting from being present and not from saying, to live unexpectedly the present moment rather than improvising, making oneself available more than showing oneself, make oneself being looked at rather than showing yourself capable of doing, discovering body language, being aware of the many things that happen all the time, the quality of movement, each person’s potential, emotions, being able to work out and use what is useful and necessary, the power of a gesture, the efficacy of an action, the beauty of an act, of simply being available.

The key to reach all this is Time. By sharing this time something can happen: inside myself, on the outside space and most of all between me and you. The invisible between us, this is the value. In this space we can be touched, fall in love, get upset, being fascinated.

  • Physical Theatre basic principles
  • Presence and Body/Actor
  • Neutral Mask – Naif  Masks
  • Improvisation, “sudden” theatre
  • Mime
  • Voice, speech, lecture, theatre text
  • Different energy levels / The 4 elements
  • De-composition, concatenation, theatrical machine
  • Object Trouvé
  • Studying a character
  • Sensitive Dance
  • How to use music and music potential
  • Composition and creation principles

One-year long, 3 hours each week, or twice a week.


Being aware of the Body and its language, being more present to yourself and in your daily life, being capable of staying present even during difficult situations, being able to speak, eye contact, respecting and taking care of your own feelings, being available, knowing how to manage your fears, welcome the anxieties, understand oneself and others, laugh. Feeling better, grow.


Open to anyone, regardless of the level of preparation or experience in the field, open to anyone who is interested to learn more about the above mentioned subject and in a group experience.


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