Basic Theatre

A simple and practical approach to Theatre


As the title suggests, the aim of the seminar is to meet and experiment  the basic aspects of Theatre, using a practical approach. We will explore the common basics of different theatre styles, the different theatrical elements that allow us to be on a stage: space, using our bodies, action on stage, focus, the relationship among actors, scenic props, how to build physical language, creating brief theatrical moments, speeches, etc.

We will above all focus on the relationship among the members of the working group, particularly concentrating on individual sensitivity. As in life, spectators of ourselves, to be “ready to”.

  • Body anatomy
  • Body breathing and breathing during an action
  • Ego disidentification
  • The principles of transformation
  • Movement quality
  • Training one’s presence
  • The principles of an action – time, space and dynamics
  • Energy levels
  • The 4 elements
  • Scenic tension and oppositions
  • The working rectangular
  • The scenic triangulation – myself, the partner and the audience
  • The dramatic crescendo
  • Scenic stage props – how to use them in a creative way
  • The principles of improvisation
  • How to create and realize brief theatre scenes

The course is open to anyone, artists, actors, dancers, circus artists and anyone who is interested in improving their skills and competences.


Theatrical Seminars