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A one-to-one lesson is a privileged encounter, an intimate and profound sharing opportunity. It is a dedicated time, a moment of in-depth analysis. Geared towards the resolution of a defined issue, it is an opportunity for growth and effective knowledge. It is being at the disposal of the work itself, it is an exchange, it is taking care of ourselves. The lesson is an act of listening to yourself, with emotion and respect. Experience together and see what happens, makes us aware that all that we can train makes us better. The duration depends upon the type of lesson: from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 3/4 hours. We decide the location together: in the centers where I teach or right at your place. Good lesson to all.

Diction/text study

One to one lesson working on specific areas that have not been developed enough or unfamiliar. The issues that arise often concern orthopedics and range from articulation difficulties to pronunciation defects, phonetics or dialectal influences. Another complementary aspect of this type of lesson concerns the study and analyses of a text: monologue, poem or script. Together we will find out about the contents, discover the textual anatomy, the sub text and how it should be performed.


One or more hours will be needed, Depending on the selected text

The course is suitable for

Actors, readers, street artists, teachers, anyone who is interested in improving his/her skills in this field or whoever has to use his/ her voice in front of an audience.

Sensitive Dance®

The lesson is very personalized and oriented towards the student’s personal characteristics.

The lesson will focus on the following topics: perception, sensorial movement, grounding, posture, vertical orientation, gesture and quality of movement, birth of a dance.

Macro and Micro objectives are defined, the different working stages are planned so that the student becomes aware of the physical structure and his/her own potential.


One or two hours depending on the time needed to complete the study path.

The course is suitable for

Actors, singers, circus artists searching for an effective tool that will allow them to improve their artistic skills, suitable for anyone who takes care of their own body and would like to find psycho-physical balance.


A one to one lesson, an intimate meeting with three elements:  voice, teacher, student. Together we will try to listen, understand and embrace the functional model of student vocalization – we will interact through specific stimulation so that  the voice organizes itself in the most functional and organic way ,maximize the result, regardless of the research , artistic, working or amateur environment. The work refers to the functional vocalization methodology discovered by Gisela Romhert.


One hour approx.

The course is suitable for

Actors, singers, voice actors, street artists, teachers and anyone interested in developing their vocalism and whoever uses it in his/her daily life.

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